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Data, Analytics & Insight Recruiment

Our business has built its history in finding talent that can bridge the gap in understanding how Analytics & Data can be used together within different organisations.

We believe the nature of recruitment is changing as a result of emerging technologies creating new job titles, functions and opportunities within organisations. The search for the right mix of skills where traditional job titles and careers are evolving is now more critical than ever before.

We understood Business Intelligence was more than just specific software being used to create data warehouses.

We understood that Insight was more than just how tools like SAS could be used to create reports and presentations.

We understand now how areas such as "Big Data" or "Data Science" are more than just how organisations combine advanced analytics with emerging tools such as Hadoop, MongoDB etc.

In a nutshell, our core focus areas include:

Advanced Analytics & Insight:

  • Data Science & "Big Data"
  • Econometricians & Statisticians
  • Quantitative analysts, modellers and mathematicians
  • Business Intelligence & Data Analysts.

Data & Technology:

  • Data Engineers & developers (Java, C#, C++, R, Matlab, SAS, etc)
  • Platform specialists (Hadoop, MongoDB, Hybris etc)

Latest jobs

Analytics/BI focused Management Consultant


£35,000 - £40,000 basic + benefits

After having built a first-class reputation as key players within the management consulting space over the last couple of decades, my client has built a small analytics & insight team over the last f... More details & Application

Machine Learning Scientist Wanted for Healthcare R&D Group

Ohio - USA

£50,000 - £60,000 basic + benefits

So another firm, looking for another Data Scientist. Nothing new here other than the fact that the purpose of this role is to explore the potential of creating next generation products for online opt... More details & Application

SQL Data Analyst to Insight Strategist


£35,000 - £45,000 basic

This unique role offers an individual with a strong background in advanced data analytics but who is interested in working in more strategic insight projects. The role will require an individual to t... More details & Application

Data Miner with strong MSc/PhD background


£45,000 - £55,000 basic

This small Data Mining team have built a reputation for understanding when to apply what techniques for various tasks at hand as their core service is used across sectors. The underlying theme being ... More details & Application

Data Developer Wanted to Work with Data Scientists


£40,000 - £50,000 basic + benefits

A small entrepreneurial team consisting of sharp business minds and a thorough grounding in applied Machine Learning techniques created an online Data platform that allowed clients to maximise in... More details & Application