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From Job Profiles to Finding the Right Talent

How are we targeted?


It is the one thing we rely on when sourcing for profiles in the market.

We won’t give you the usual sales pitch of databases, advertising, “niche” markets, networking, head hunting, LinkedIn etc.

We realise that unless the specific Recruiter has insight into the role, the key skills, the different ways technologies and analytics are used, the firm culture, and a whole variety of other factors, then none of the above matters.

We do our best to gain as much insight into the hiring needs to fill the position and if we cannot deliver, we will at least be honest about it.

Our core on-going success has been built around the premise that the gaps between traditional data-driven technology platforms and front-facing insight & analytics are beginning to blur as new products arrive into the market. Our targeted focus has thus always been to be acutely aware of how this symbiotic relationship is constantly evolving in the market.

The common denominator: We look at positions that need to combine an understanding of front-facing analytics & insight functions and how Data & Technology platforms and tools support that delivery.